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Bee Web Solutions is a company from Karlovac that deals with programming, developing applications, creating and maintaining websites. Creating and maintaining online stores, SEO optimization, internet advertising, managing profiles on social networks and much more.

Our offers are adapted to the needs of each client. Every person or company is unique and therefore has different wishes and needs for web solutions. We are here to combine all these wishes and needs into one special and personalized solution that suits everyone. The websites we created and maintain speak enough about our creativity and success. We create sites that are impressive and special, and easy to navigate.

According to your wishes and needs, we create websites or stores and take care of their maintenance and updates. We are here to present your company on the internet in the best possible way. We offer our experience, teamwork and quality of service so that everyone is satisfied and your company and business can progress and take their place on the Internet. At the same time, we offer a wide range of IT solutions for improving your business. Our aim is to present your business to the local, national and world markets in order to increase the number of potential customers and users. With our efforts during the creation of the site and subsequent up-to-date maintenance, we ensure that your site is the first and best source of all information about you and your services and products.
Your website is often the first contact with customers and reflects your place in the market. With our craftsmanship and modern design, you will instill confidence in customers and clients.


Creation of websites with an effective and modern design in order to present the company to the public in an excellent way.

Maintenance and updating

Maintenance of websites, adding content to the pages in order to follow the progress of the company’s business.

Web shops

Creation of large and small web shops in order to present each product in the right light.

Internet marketing

Advertising of products and services on the Internet through various technologies.

Social networks

Managing profiles on social networks to reach even more users.

Customer support

Answers to all your questions and advice are available in a short time for successful cooperation.

Invest in the design and development of your website in order to get closer to customers and clients in the simplest and most affordable way. Send a positive image of you and your business to the world.

bee web solutions

The first step in cooperation is meeting and agreeing with the client on all wishes and needs. In order to make a plan and agree on all the details regarding the production.

Once we have gathered all the necessary information and researched that part of the market, we can start gathering all the necessary materials. These are images, texts, videos and anything else you want to see on your site. It would be ideal if the clients had their own materials that they want to implement on the site, but we can also gather everything necessary together.

When everything necessary is collected, then our team performs and arranges a potential solution. We present our design to the client and take into account all potential changes to the site, all according to the client’s wishes. The entire process takes place to make sure that all of our clients are completely satisfied.

After both parties are satisfied with the sample website, testing is carried out to optimize the page display. It is important that the overview is good on all devices and screen sizes. It is also necessary to test the page through different browsers so that it is visible to everyone. After the tests are done, the page is published so that it is available to everyone.

Although it seems like all the work is done here, the crucial part is actually starting. It is updating and maintaining the website itself. It is necessary to keep up so that all maintenance is done on time. Our well-established team is here for you so that you don’t have to worry about such things.


Basic information

Bee Web Solutions Ltd.

HQ: Jamadolska 31, 47000 Karlovac, Croatia
OIB: 82963991837
MBS: 081404022, Commercial court in Zagreb – Permanent service in Karlovac, Croatia
IBAN: HR7024020061101060027, Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d.
Share capital: 20.000,00 kn
Responsible person: Zoran Belobrajdić, founder and CEO
+385 (0)99 417 1739

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